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From Zero to MyEasyWeb

The project was born from the meeting of two young men who shared the same passion and a single dream: to create a digital growth agency capable of making small and medium-sized companies compete in the global market using the web.


Ayoub Jandaoui

I have gained relevant experience in web design, graphic design and digital marketing working with local companies in the field.
Moving then to London, I had the opportunity to see and learn effective and cutting-edge communication methods. I have also contributed to the creation of several successful e-commerce seven figures. Thanks to a futuristic and dynamic vison, I always manage to complete the work in the best possible way.

David Coglio

Former employee with a great desire for redemption.
Digital has allowed me to express myself creatively and to realize my dream in the drawer: to work closely with entrepreneurs to help them in their business growth.
Certificates attained as a Social Media Manager, E-commerce expert and Closer professional have provided me with the necessary skills to provide effective service to all our clients.


We strongly believe in digitizing the marketing of companies. In the coming years we want to be point of reference for those businesses that believe in this business model .We embrace, with entrepreneurs, values such as. passion , ambition e results.


The goal is for our clients to experience the growth of their businesses through digital marketing, using innovative, cutting-edge strategies.
We are adynamic company that works hard to achieve the entrepreneur's goals by fostering social relationships and the exchange of ideas.

What to do once the form is submitted?

You will be called back by us within the next 24H to arrange a meeting to get to know each other better and to understand the real reason why you contacted us.
We will then move on to the practical side of the call and, through a customized and totally FREE report, we will analyze together the digital presence of your business. 
This tool will enable you to get a clear view of your situation and assess whether it is appropriate to intervene, taking a shared path.

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