ASD Carobbio 2020

The project:

ASD Carobbio 2020 is the soccer club of a small town in the province of Bergamo.
It is registered in the third category CSI championship and is affiliated with Real Calepina.
ASD Carobbio 2020 has as its strengths the determination that has allowed it to boast a long history behind it that has lasted more than 50 years, but without neglecting passion, a value with which it trains its boys.

The goal set by president Manuel Toti and secretary Michele Aceti was to revive the citizens of Carobbio degli Angeli’s passion for the team, trying to increase the level of engagement on social media and consequently the number of spectators during the weekend games.


Sports club: ASD Carobbio 2020

Location: Carobbio Degli angeli (BG)

Project: Social Management and Occasional Advertising (FB and IG)

Tools: Instagram, Facebook (+Business Manager)

Work done:

– Optimization of existing social platforms (Facebook and Instagram), creation of specific positioning, tailored colors and fonts, and effective communication based on the company’s target persona.

– Creating an impactful editorial plan and feed on Instagram and effective posts on Facebook, focusing primarily on strengthening the relationship with the community.

– Creation of two campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, aiming to pre-enroll children for the new 2022/2023 sports season.

– Planning for upcoming marketing campaigns in preparation for enrollment in the new 2022-2023 season and Summer Campus.


– Achieving astounding levels of interaction with fixed views of stories by more than 60 percent of followers.

– Achieving an engagement level of 12%, with continuous interaction in stories, posts and Direct.

– Exponential increase in people in the stands on Sundays, a fact confirmed by reaching the maximum capacity of the stands for each Sunday match.

– Participation of not only fellow citizens, but spectators from countries up to 20km away to be able to follow and support the team.

– In the first phase of Advertising pre-registration of 7 people with a budget of €25.


“Professional, quick service and always ready to meet our communication needs. Indispensable to ensure direct and immediate contact with our followers.” Michele Aceti

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