Zoe's Kitchen

The project:

Zoe’s Kitchen is a company located in Novara that operates in the world of baking, specifically selling molds and tools to enable passionate people to bring their projects to life.

Zoe’s Kitchen is primarily an exhibition booth and does not have a physical store.

The owner, Patrizia Paganotti, has always participated in Italian and European fairs. It is necessary to specify that there is no digital placement of the activity.

His goal was to create an online store accompanied by a high-performing digital presence on social media to breathe new life into his business, which, due to the pandemic, was slowly beginning to die out.

The strong desire was to make the products and values of its brand known to a large number of people on the Italian territory, and to be a promoter of an eco-sustainable, high-quality and people-friendly movement.

Here are the platforms used to implement the project:

  • Social (Facebook and Instagram)

  • E-commerce/hosting: Ionos

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Advertising (FB and IG)

  • Rebranding


Company: Zoe ‘s Kitchen

Location: Novara

Project: E-commerce , Social Media Marketing, Logo Rebranding and Advertising (Facebook and Instagram)

Tools: WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Illustrator and Business Manager.

Work done:

– Recreation of the company logo thanks to our team of professional graphic designers who gave the business new life according to Patrizia Paganotti’s values.

– Creation of business cards for inclusion in shipping packages and for use at trade shows.

– Creation of the new E-commerce with an innovative and colorful design, a functional and age-friendly site for customers to buy quickly and easily.

– Realization and optimization of social platforms (Facebook and Instagram), identification of targets, choice of colors and fonts resulting in the drafting of an editorial plan attuo to sales and community building.

– Influencer Marketing to generate credibility and take the brand to a medium-high level in a short period (given Patrizia’s 20 years of experience in the field).

– Advertising: initialization of the testing path (still ongoing), identification of the right target audience and specific message to achieve high-level conversions (through creative, dynamic and engaging videos accompanied by persuasive copy).


– E-commerce and logo/brand creation in less than two months.

– High customer, employee and consumer satisfaction through positive feedback.

– The site converts and is actualized for sale.

– Creation of a logo that 100% reflects Patrizia’s personality.

– Implementation of a performing system on social media and a strong community of more than 1,000 people connected to the business in just over three months.

– Achieving high levels of interaction on social.

– Selling several products organically on social, even before starting the Ads path.

– Achievement of very high coverage, numerous interactions, positive comments and sales through testing (scaling phase).

– Positive return on advertising investment already in test phase (+30).

– Achieving the average price per purchase on the website at €50.00.


“You guys at MyEasyWeb have been my salvation, you are helping me tremendously in achieving all my goals. Given the bad experience with the last agency I didn’t think I could trust this industry again, I really needed serious people to take me by the hand into digital.”

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