Dr. Lorenzi

The project:

Dr. Lorenzi specializes in physical therapy and osteopathy, a professional with very clear ideas despite his young age. The idea behind the project was to feel valued through a new website and a total rebranding of his professional image that could then accompany him as he consolidated his business. The client wanted to elevate his professional figure but at the same time communicate closeness between him and the patient.


Professional: Gianluca Lorenzi

Location: Milan

Project: Website, Logo and Business Cards (Brand)

Tools: WordPress and Illustrator.

Work done:

– Creating a logo that suited his needs, truly reflected him, and could lend professionalism to his image.

– Delivery of the complete logo package.

– Website creation from the beginning, following the client’s needs.


– Logo creation supported by the directives of Dr. Lorenzi, who was astounded by the result.

– Realization of an innovative and functional design of 2500 business cards (with the possibility of writing appointments on the back of the card + QR Code).

– Creation of an innovative and effective site with a unique style that 100% reflects his personality. Study in detail the field of interest with respective competitors and create positioning (through images, video and copy) improving the quality of its image.

– Design and creation of an interactive section that can simplify the identification of the specific service attuo to solving the customer’s problem, while also facilitating the general communication of the site.


“I am a freelancer and I approached them to have website, a logo redesign and a business card. I am very demanding because I want the best and maximum competitiveness of my brand online as well. I found all this. I recommend them for a professional leap forward.”

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