Pl Scaffolding

The project:

PL Scaffolding is a leading company in the special scaffolding industry.
In particular, it deals with all situations that require the triggering of non-traditional scaffolding such as bridges, viaducts, dams, steeples, railways, confined spaces and companies.

The main goal of the owner, Bruno Pozzi, was to breathe new life into the company website in order to be able to show the real value of the company, which until then had been completely hidden.
Once the website was optimized, his desire was to take timely action on Google campaigns to try to decrease the off-target calls he was receiving each day.

The last goal was to lower the average Cost Per Click (CPC) of campaigns.


Company: PL Scaffolding

Location: Calusco d’Adda

Project: Website and Google Ads

Tools: Wordpres, MySQL, FTP and Google Ads.

Work done:

– Initialization of the positioning process to place PL Scaffolding in a specific slice of the market with the goal of definitively clarifying the target audience, pain points and solutions offered by the company, to enable its professional and effective communication.

– Creation of an innovative website capable of communicating PL Scaffolding’s real value and strong positioning geared toward special situations.

– SEO-level intervention by positioning PL Scaffolding among the top search results in the industry (still improving).

– Optimization of Google campaigns according to the owner’s guidelines and goals.


– Creation of an innovative new website design (also consisting of 3D motion renderings) giving top priority to company positioning and ecosystem. The priority was to make the site simple but at the same time “authoritative,” given PL Scaffolding’s many success stories accumulated over the years.

– Implementation of a site targeted to the contact goal, with appropriate CTAs and winning communication.

– Short-term decrease in average CPC from 0.35 to 0.20/0.17 by increasing business visibility by 35%.

– Reduction, due to strong site positioning, of “useless” calls. Scaling phase for the increase in the number of monthly Leads still in progress.

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